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4 Step Designs is a company that is setting a new standard for many spectrums of interiors.  We have a vision of bringing an artistic flair and international sophistication to our clients.  


There are 4 steps in design...



With 4 Step Designs, design begins when our clients contact us about our services.  An initial consultation is arranged to discuss a potential client's prerequisites.  During this time, personal style is initiated, acquiring an overall intent.



Developing a viable commonality in relating both inter-personally and creatively is a key operating goal for 4 Step Designs.  Once established, a feel for the space and scope of the project is enhanced.



Once we have a concept of style and personality, along with the look for the space, we can create and choose design images that will convey the colors and textures to be used throughout the project.



During this final phase, clients are presented with a timeline, quotes

for contractors and furnishing purchase orders.  The final stage involves accessorizing and styling your space, and realizing the client's design ambition.

The Designers

Tracey Rowley, an English designer based in Naples, Florida, has over twenty years international design experience.  Receiving her graduate degree from Liverpool City College for Art & Exhibition Design, she began designing for various top firms in England.  For Wade Smith LTD., she was the Visual and Marketing Director for eight of their stores, acheiving the British Window Design Award in 1995.  She became the Buying Director for The Design Store in England, collaborating on store exterior and interior design, sourcing furniture, homewares and accessories from around the world and traveling throughout the US and Europe.  Tracey excels at designing model housing for commercial developments and private residences.  Joining Downing Developments in 2005, one of the largest property developers in England, as a Design Coordinator, she was responsible for selecting architects, coordination of multi-million Pound commerical development projects, including numerous award-winning show apartments and extensive work on Grade 1 listed buildings. Resolving to create something timeless, avoiding trend with a love of subtleties, creating a certain simplicty that dictates quality in a well-thought-out manner and ultimately beautiful to view are all priorities.

Elizabeth Baldwin-Lodge & Tracey Rowley

Elizabeth Baldwin-Lodge is a transplant from Malibu, California. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication/Theatre Arts Design from Pepperdine University. The winning combination of her design background and theatre background create the perfect juxtaposition as an interior designer.  Elizabeth has been designing interiors for over ten years!  She was voted one of the Design Minds of the year in 2010 and has received several other design awards of distinction. Prior to relocating to SW Florida, she lived in London, England and spends lengthly periods of time in Europe gaining design inspiration.


Upon graduating from Pepperdine, Elizabeth appeared in various television and film projects, such as, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and The Beautiful, Mike Hammer Private Eye, The Hogan Family and Watercolor Postcards. Elizabeth continues to appear in television and film projects!  

Elizabeth and Tracey were awarded the distinction of being one of Florida International Magazine's Design Minds of 2010.  They have also been honored with an invitation to design the kitchen in the DCOTA show house for 2011.


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